Monday, March 8, 2010


Kmart will be having DOUBLE coupons again. It will be held April 4th to April 10th. There are some new rules attached this time and they are

1. Limit 5 coupons per day per customer
2. Manufacturer coupons up to $2 value
3. Does not include Kmart coupons
4. Does not include Kmart pharmacy store coupons
Meal Time Monday:
Breakfast-Cereal w/ milk
Lunch-Salisbury Steak w/ Mac & Cheese, corn
Dinner-Polish Sausage w/mashed taters, green beans, peaches

Breakfast-Cereal w/ milk
Lunch-Pizza rolls, Chips and Dip
Dinner-BBQ meat,pasta, corn, and Apples

Breakfast- Oatmeal & Toast
Lunch-Chicken nuggets, ramen noodles, green beans
Dinner-Meatloaf, taters, corn, peaches

Breakfast-Cereal w/milk
Lunch-Spaghetti w/ meat sauce bread
Dinner-BBQ meat, butter noodles, corn,

Breakfast- Eggs and Toast
Lunch-Hot dogs, Mac & Cheese,peas
Dinner Hamburger helper, Green bean

Breakfast-Bacon & Eggs
Lunch-Soup w/ crackers
Dinner-BBQ Meat taters on the grill, broccoli

Breakfast-Eggs w/ toast
Lunch- Sloppy Joes Mac and Cheese
Dinner- Hamburger on the grill pasta corn

Day 2!

So today I am still trying to figure this blog thing out. I have a meal plan that I want to post for Meal Time Monday and I am working on how to put it up now.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My frist day!

Well today is the first day of blogging. Today my goal is to get some of the deals that I find at Walgreens and Cvs up. I am also gonna try and get deals at IGA up. I am very new at this and I am trying to figure it all out. Hang in there with me and I promise I will get it!